Game News

March 29th, 2020

Some tweaking was made to the exp and level tables. The amount required to level has been increased, but also the range of mob levels for which one can still get experience. It will slow down the levelling pace,which is the desire, but also keep zones viable longer for exp-ing in. Character exp amounts will now reset to the minimum required for their current level, after their first exp-awarding kill. If this is an old player,exp will be reset as well, to be in line with the character's current level.

Added the following deities: Paladine, Gilean, Takhisis. You can now follow a deity without requiring a cleric to convert you. This can be done at the newbie trainer in the newbie area, as well as temples in the main cities and other places throughout the game world. These rooms will offer instructions via signs in the rooms, so keep a look out for them.

August 21st, 2018

Added the Knight class and several new abilities for them: Strength of Honor, Might of Honor, Crown of Knighthood, Inspire Courgae, Inspire Greatness, Final Stand, Leadership, Knighty Wisdom.

Monks can now use daggers, staves, thrown weapons and weapons flagged as Karate, and still retain their Monk abilities

Added room exits in the room title. Type autoexits to turn off the multi-line autoexits at the bottom of a room description.

August 3rd, 2018

Added the Crown Knight, Sword Knight and Rose Knight classes as remortable selections for Knights of Solamnia. The Crown Knight is unlocked by remorting at least once as a Fighter, Paladin, Cleric, or Purist. The Sword Knight is unlocked by remorting the Crown Knight at least once, and the Rose Knight is unlocked by remorting the Sword Knight at least once.

Added the following abilities for Crown Knights: Knightly Courage, Fight to the Death and Strength of Honor.

August 5th, 2017

Fixed a bug that prevented Oracles and Purists from being Human.

Fixed a bug wherein Humans were not getting their 5% racial exp bonus.

Fixed a bug wherein Charlatans were not getting their cross-class random skills.

Added Fishing and a few other Common skills to the Sailor class repetoire.

Fixed experience point output in score and prompt to display as properly formatted numbers.

August 3rd, 2017

Starting weapon stats have been reduced to coincide with other level 1 weapons.

XP has been boosted on the tougher newbie zone mobs.

Flavour/Informative messages added to combat when initiating or finishing a battle.

Post-Level-30 experience has been reduced considerably.

SUPPLYORDER command added. This command toggles supplyorders on and off. When active, any items your character crafts will instead result in a monetary payout instead of providing the actual item. The payout will be commensurate to the value of the item, and any crafting enhancements that improve value will improve payout (fine, beautiful, etc.)

October 18th, 2016

Changed the following abilities to be minimum range of 0, which means they can be used in melee combat: MagmaCannon, MeteorStrike, FlyingKick, MountedCharge, Web, Fireball, Cloudkill, IceLance, Exhaustion, IceStorm, MeteorStorm, Earthquake.

September 15th, 2016

Added 'broad sword' to the weaponsmith and master weaponsmith crafting skills. A one-handed sword type weapon for level 25 and 55 respectively.

Added the MERGE skill, automatically given to all characters at 100%. Allows characters to merge multiple items into a single item.

Added a merge recipe combining 'small, pulsating crystal shards' into an item that can be eaten, giving you 2 free practices. The shards load 1% of them time on all mobs level 30 or higher.

September 12th, 2016

We've added a special wear slots just for instruments for members of the Minstrel class.

September 8th, 2016

We've fixed Necromancers and Beastmasters so that their undead/animal followers (respectively) don't count towards reducing experience when grouped.

September 2nd, 2016

We've made a change to experience gains so that groups of players will earn more experience based on the size of their group. It hasn't been tested much, so if it seems overpowered in certain situations, please let Gicker know. Otherwise have fun with it. Please note that the bonus only applies to player group members. Mob members will not be counted in the bonus. Also, please remember the multi-playing rules. You may have an artisan/gaoler on at the same time as your other character, but they are not allowed to group together. Enjoy!

September 1st, 2016

We have made some changes to monks. They can now perform their monk abilities when wielding an item of type 'Karate' or type 'Staff'. We have also added random drops of type 'karate' up to level 22 weapons. We have also added similar item recipes for the weaponsmithing and masterweaponsmithing skills. Enjoy!

August 19th, 2016

We've Updated the codebase we're using (CoffeeMUD) from v5.9.0 to v5.9.4. New features include new classes (Pirate,Sailor,Mer), naval ship combat, planar travel and more. See the full release notes here.

August 18th, 2016

We've added the Vingaard Keep zone, which is a level 36-38 zone with one boss mob and a number of new gear drops. We've also added the Dragonarmies of Takhisis clan.

August 17th, 2016

We've gone ahead an implemented a new multi-classing system. It works as follows. When creating a new character, you may select any class you wish. Once you reach level 30, you can then take a second class, as long as the class has the same base class as your current class (ie. fighter, thief, bard, druid, cleric, mage). Once you select your second class, you may not take any more classes.

August 16th, 2016

We've added some player house lots in Palanthas west of the fountain. There's only 7 right now, but we can add more if needed. They are set up so that players should be able to decorate and expand upon them, adding new rooms, on their own through some of the various crafting skills. They will also save any items left in them. You can create chests with carpentry and put items in the chest to keep things more orderly. Any questions, please let me know. See the help files for the carpentry and construction skills for more info.

August 15th, 2016

We've added the Conclave of Wizards and Forces of Whitestone Clans. Please use the email command in game to mail Gicker if you can't find a leader for those clans to get you in.

We've redone the random drops so that full armor suits do not drop anymore. Instead individual items drop for the following wear slots: torso, head, arms, hands, legs, boots. We also added some level 22-25 weapons to random drops. The range of levels for all random drops are now between level 6 and level 25.

We've added 3 zones using the random zone generator. One is an extension of the Palanthas Graveyard Crypts undead mobs level 10-12. The second is a crypt area beneath Wenfyr Mansion, with undead mobs levels 26-28. The last is a kobold lair, mobs levels 24-26.

We've also repopulated the Wenfyr Mansion zone, including iutem drops and boss mobs. It's level ranges are 34-36.

We've added the Cultists of Morgion zone, including item drops and boss boss mobs, and it is levels 28-30.

July 12th, 2016

I've reduced the rate at which you become hungry and thirsty by to 1/3 of what it was. So you can go 3 times as long before needing food or drink.

We've also added a level 22-26 zone just off the Vingaard road as well as a level 20-24 zone in the Palanthas Crypts

April 25th, 2016

Significantly increased the experience that Artisans receive when crafting/gathering.

Added a forge in Palanthas that sells tin and copper and offers an always-lit fire for people crafting things that require a fire in the room.

Gave the spell Identify Object to artisans, however they can only successfully use it on items they crafted themselves.

Increased yield of items receiving from mining or tree chopping.

April 22nd, 2016

The Forces of Whitestone Camp has been completed. It is a level 19-24 zone with a large number of gear drops and several boss-type mobs that drops some nice items. The camp is south of Palanthas, the first path breaking off to the east after exiting the Palanthas South Gates.

I've updated the rules on the mud. You should see them whenever you log into the MUD, but you may also see the by typing 'rules'.

I've set the 'say' channel to award experience for role playing. Non rp room chat should use the ooc or osay commands. There is a warning message about abuse, which can be turned off by typing NORPWARNINGS if your character is level 10 or higher.

I've added experience gains whenever you skill-up an ability, or spell, etc.

Added a new line to the score displaying how much of your experience gained has been done through role play.

April 13th, 2016

I've added a new entry point for new players. It's a mini newbie/training zone, allowing people to select Sanction as a hometown and still utilize Palanthas until Sanction is populated with mobs and gear. It also has a shop for food and torches, a water resevoir and a trainer in one easily navigable area, ensuring the characters can engage with the game without having to wander around looking for a trainer, shops, etc. It has a small newbie area with mobs levels 1-5 to kill too. Newly made characters will recall to this area, however the training portion is only available to characters level 10 or lower.

April 7th, 2016

Consolidated all of the old casting commands to all use 'cast'. The other commands still work, but are there only for those that prefer them, those being: pray and chant. Bard and bard sub-classes still use the existing commands for their abilities, since they are songs/dances/etc. not spells. I'm now investigating how to switch the spell name encapsulator from double quotes "" to single quotes '' which us circle guys are used to.

Added a command, noairexits that will not show air exits in the room desc by default, but still show other up exits. Note the exits are still there, and can be moved into if flying, and seen using the 'exits' command.

Modified the exp system so that it resembles the classic AoD system, instead of the CoffeeMUD system. This means static exp gains and levelling tables. Level 1 mobs will give x amount of exp no matter what level the player is. Exp gained increases based on the level of the mob. Mobs that are set up to cast spells, use combat abilities, etc. are set up to give increased experience than other mobs their level.

Added the Neidar Dwarf (Hill Dwarf) and Aghar Dwarf (Gully Dwarf) races.

Added hirelings to the Platinum Dragon Inn. They're level 10, and can be hired for 100 coins for about 3 hours real time. You can order them around and have them use their class abilities as you see fit. They have all the appropriate abilities for their level, including hp, mana, move etc.

March 22nd, 2016

Added the Palanthas Graveyard zone. 1/2 the zone is levels 8-10 and the crypt with undead is levels 16-18. Gear drops added too.

Added the light wear slot, so you don't need to hold torches, lanterns and other lights in your offhand.

March 18th, 2016

So I just wanted to post a few things about the CoffeeMUD port that's in progress.

First, a report on areas that have been completed to date, which include Palanthas, Palanthas Sewers, Palanthas Thieves Guild, Palanthas Palace, Training Pit, Garden of the Blue Phoenix, Palanthas Wizard Academy and Bethel Island. All in all we have zones with mobs and gear that will take you up to level 20. All of the other zones are there, just minus mobs and objs. Also, there's 60 levels in total right now, with the possibility to increase that up to 90 while still gaining skills/spells/expertises each level.

Second a report on currently implemented races and classes:

Races: Daergar Dwarf, Daewar Dwarf, Gnome, Goblin, Half Elf, Human, Hylar Dwarf, Kagonesti Elf, Kender, Minotaur, Ogre, Qualinesti Elf, Silvanesti Elf, Theiwar Dwarf

As a note is is very easy to add new races, and there are some missing from this list, such as gully dwarves (aghar) and hill dwarves (niedar).


Mages: Abjurer Alterer Conjurer Diviner Enchanter Evoker Illusionist Mage Transmuter

Thieves: Arcanist Assassin Burglar Thief Trapper

Commoners: Artisan Gaoler

Fighters: Barbarian Fighter Monk Paladin Ranger

Bards: Bard Charlatan Jester Minstrel Dancer

Druids: Beastmaster Delver Druid Gaian SkyWatcher

Clerics: Cleric Doomsayer Healer Missionary Necromancer Oracle Purist Shaman Templar

I'm going to shut down the Facebook group for CoffeeMUD and instead post updates on the Facebook Page. The Facebook page's url is

As far as the game goes, I thought I'd mention a few things about it. First, it uses a mana system, so there's no spell memorization. Both systems have their ups and downs, but I recognize some might be put off by that, so I thought I'd put it out there up front. Also, there are a number of classes that can have pets. Pets in ud stay with your character between log ins. So if you log off, the next time you log on your pet will be right there beside you. Also, pets level up alongside you. As long as your pet is with you, whenever you gain experience by killing a mob, your pet will too.

The game is open for testing, or to be more accurate, it's open for play... we just don't have zones in place for the full experience. There won't be any pwipe and your gear is saved forever as well. We also still have an open invitation to all if you have an interest in building on the CoffeeMUD.

March 3rd, 2016

Some nice little findings I've come across while testing what's been done so far. It's just the dozens (or more) little things in CoffeeMUD that make it so awesome.

There's built in speedwalking with the run command. Type run 5n 2e 3n w 2n for example.

You can 'sell all'. If you're at a weapon shop, you can type sell all, and it will sell all the weapons in your inventory. Now this could be a pain if someone forgot to stow something they wanted to keep in a bag or something as well. I'll have to take a look at this, and see about being able to flag something as unsellable by the item owner (a toggle).

Also, not sure if I've posted this yet or not, but I've managed to duplicate the look and feel of rooms and mob/object placement. When you look in a room, it displays quite closely to how it does in the CircleMUD version.

Also, finished the palanthas sewers, and now doing the thieves guild. Posted an ad on for builders as well. It's an open invitation to all, just track me down in game (Gicker).

February 23rd, 2016

I've added the Palace of Palanthas and Bethel Island zones, as well as the ferry between the Palanthas docks and Bethel Island. We now have zones and gear (both placed and random drops) up to level 17.

The game is totally testable now, provided you select Palanthas as your starting city. If any of you guys want to take a peek, I am generally around afternoons and evenings Monday to Friday.

February 9th, 2016

I've added the following to Palanthas:

-Item Identifier - Identifies items for a price.

-Item Mender - Will fix damaged items for a price.

-Item Resizer - Will resize equipment so that it fits your size (mainly for small and large races).

-Auctioneer - Think WoW Auction House. Saves over reboots.

-Donation Room - Items dropped here save over reboots.

-Garbage Dump - Street sweepers pick up stuff dropped in the city streets and put it in the dump when their inventories are full. Also for PCs to dump unwanted items that aren't fit for donating (or the player doesn't want to donate for another reason)

Finished the Palanthas Wizard Academy.

Added ocean rooms between Solamnia and Abanasinia. Can be traveled by boat or swimming. Ferry still in progress, haven't fully figured out the moving room functionality on CoffeeMUD. Ocean rooms also have an underwater component. The ocean grid right now is 30 rooms north/south and 80 rooms east/west. Grid can be resized very easily if we want it larger.

Added hometown selection in character creation: Palanthas or Sanction. Hometown determines where you start, where you recall to, and where you and your corpse respawn after dying.

You can also fish from the ferry piers, as well as launch ships. There is the ability for players to craft ships in the stock code.

February 2nd, 2016

Still working on Palanthas. All of the mobs have been added for the city streets. Trainer, shops, boards and mail have been added. Boards have reply and edit options. Mail allows you to mail items to others, including a cash on delivery option. It's slow going, but I'm enjoying it too. Gardens of the Blue Phoenix and the Training Pits are also done. Working on the Palanthas Mage Academy now. Feel free to log in and take a look. port 4444. Cheers!

Also just added a poker dealer in the Griffon's Talon Tavern in the north part of Palanthas. Plays authentic 5 card draw poker. Fun!

January 8th, 2016

So far we have all zones imported, rooms only. Some rooms need to have broken links redone, though this is rare. Most rooms need to have their room type to be corrected (ie. from CityStreet to StoneRoom for instance). We need to place mobs and gear for all zones.

So far, I've done the Palanthas streets, including wandering mobs. The fountain is done, the bar at the Palanthas Inn is made. I've added shops for food, general goods, weapons and armor. The gardens of the blue phoenix has all of its mobs placed, but still needs random drops added.