The World of Gates of Krynn

Gates of Krynn is set in the fantasy world of Dragonlance, a theme invented by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, who also co-authored the majority of the novels for the setting that ran the 'main plotline' of the world. The setting gained popularity mainly through novels written by Weis and Hickman, as well as many others. The number of novels, and parts of the world and different timelines/histories is rather extensive.

Our particular MUD is set after the War of the Lance. The canon Dragonlance storyline proceeded for a time of relative peace, followed by another great War where the Knights of Takhisis became the main threat in place of the Dragonarmies, and eventually ended with the release of Chaos, a very powerful deity that had been imprisoned in the Greygem by the deity Reorx after the creation of Krynn.

We've decided not to go in that direction. Instead, following the War of the Lance, our storyline will have many elements of the subsequent storyline, as well as some ideas of our own, take place. For example, the Dragonarmies are not completely defeated, and the Knights of Takhisis exist side-by-side with the Dragonarmies. Chemosh is growing his undead hordes as well, and the Minotaur Empire is poised for expansion into Ansalon.

Additionally, we allow plenty of room for player-run role played plots as well. It's been our experience that when players have a say in how the world and storyline progress, they enjoy themselves significantly more.

Perhaps the best resource for Dragonlance information is The Dragonlance Nexus Web Site. You may also reach out to our Game Staff at any time by email or on Facebook, as well as in game, with any questions you might have.

Hope to see you in Krynn soon!

Yours Truly,

The Gates of Krynn MUD Staff