Changes Made with the CoffeeMUD Version Update, From v5.9.0 to v5.9.4

# Build 5.9.1 Released 01/04/2016
1. "Who accounts", used by an archon, can quickly list the account name of each player online.
2. New Achievement event "GOTITEM", and new rewards (see new stats below and achievements.ini)
3. New Player stats for Bonus char creation points, common skill limits
4. New Account stats for Bonus char per account, chars online, char creation points, common skill limits
5. New Property: Prop_ItemBinder, for binding items to char, acct, clan. How did that get missed all these years?
6. New version of Siplet (the web client). Now uses WebSockets for streaming joy.
7. New disease: Sleepwalking. Very rare, but can be caught through extreme fatigue.
8. New Beastmaster / Ranger skill: Animal Bonding.
9. Masonry/Construction now have their own recipe files. Not much you can do with them, but still better than code.
10. Artisans now get bonus xp for crafting items, with some minor anti-botting measures in.
11. Due to a strange accident, lots of Wizard-class bugs fixed. It's still an unavailable class.
12. New Property: Prop_LotForSale, like Prop_LotsForSale, but you only have to buy the property once.
13. New Property: Prop_RoomPlusForSale, like Prop_RoomForSale, but you are allowed to expand it for free.
14. Prop_ReqCapacity now has a new argument to interact with Prop_LotForSale, and special circumstances for it.
15. New property building skills: Landscaping, Excavation, and Unknown/Unfinished skills: Welding, Irrigation
16. Lots of bugs fixed.

# Build 5.9.2 Released 02/09/2016
1. Apprentice now gets bonus common skill.
2. Prop_ItemBinder can now bind to a group.
3. POSSESS can now target a room or area
4. Can now edit recipes of Construction, Masonry, Excavation, Landscaping, etc from CL or MG
5. Save command will now prompt for confirmation with delta message.
6. New channel flag: ACCOUNTOOCNOADMIN - for a more nuanced Account Name-based channel
7. Metacraft can now craft everything from specific skills. See help.
8. New Chants: Bloody Water, Find Driftwood, Filter Water, Aquatic Pass, Sense Water, Summon Coral, Flood
9. New Chants: Underwater Action, Water Hammer, Drown, Call Mate, Summon School, High Tide, Land Lungs
10. New Chants: Reef Walking, Capsize, Feeding Frenzy, Calm Seas, Summon Jellyfish, Flippers, Waterguard
11. New Chants: Sift Wrecks, Favorable Winds, Tide Moon, Tidal Wave, Predict Tides, Tsunami, Whirlpool
12. New races: SmallFish, Angelfish, Merfolk, Selkie, Swordfish, Dolphin, Seal, Walrus, Whale
13. New language: Aquan
14. New Druid Shapeshift forms: Fish and Sea Mammal (I bet you saw this coming)
15. Archon AutoInvoke now saves settings. Default no-invoke list now in lists.ini
16. CoffeeTable statistics will now track activity by Area also.
17. Ship Title copies can now be purchased and traded, just like land titles.
18. CATALOG command can now be used to list categories.
19. Anchors Down on sailing ships now prevents WaterCurrent effects (duh!)
20. Sailing Ships now get area weather messages and affects
21. Default autoreaction shopkeepers will now adjust prices based on faction.
22. Legal system now supports punishment caps on repeat crimes.
23. New Locale type: Whirlpool.
24. Autoreaction ranges adjusted, and aggressive tagged to only affect near levels
25. New Aggressive/MobileAgressive flag: CHECKLEVEL, see help on those behaviors.
26. Archon wands/staffs now have GAIN ability to grant spells
27. Yet more Druid stuff: Sea Lore, Summon Chum, and Water Cover
28. New Druid sub-class: Mer (skill-only at this point, but mostly tested and working)
29. Golem races can now see in the dark.
30. Shopkeepers will now include the size of bulk sales in devalue rates.
31. GMODIFY change parms ADDABILITY, ADDEFFECT, ADDBEHAVIOR now support parms in parenthesis ().
e.g. CHANGE=ADDABILITY=Prop_ReqSafePet(MSG=no!)
32. Any item can now appear 'compressed' in room desc. See item editors.
33. Any container can have directly accessible contents. See item editors.
34. Races now support natural immunities (mostly for disease). MG and CL editor support added.
35. Added the rest of the Tech resource types .. mind your items with custom resource defs!
36. Some new tech power generator types, and new fuelless engine type and options. Also, Light Switch!
37. Internal: "ShipTech" Package renamed to "CompTech" to reflect reality that not all components are for ships.
38. MOTD can now review previous news, and EMAIL BOX and MOTD PREVIOUS supports message limits
39. Total Minutes played now recorded along with time for Player Leveling Stats
40. ColorSet can be used to set any channel color now.
41. Unattackable mobs no longer count in area statistics.
42. Space Ship Shield generator done, mudgrinder and cl editor included.
43. New resources added: salt and spice

# Build 5.9.3 Released 05/08/2016
1. Follower behavior now has a few more options.
2. STAT [MOBNAME] will now give full editor stats also, and
3. STAT [ITEMNAME/AREANAME/EXITNAME/ROOMNAME] now gives editor stats without editing
4. New Locales: WaterSurfaceColumn and UnderWaterColumnGrid, and Salt water varieties.
5. LIST TIMEZONES can now show all your areas grouped by common calendar.
6. Smelting recipes are now editable from MG and CL.
7. Prop_OpenPassword can now have a language qualifier
8. LIST AREA SHOPS will now show local shop inventories with prices
9. Archon QUESTS [QUEST NAME] and LIST QUESTWINNERS can now show all winners of quests.
10. New CHANNEL flag: NOLANGUAGE, to turn off foreign languages when using the channel.
11. LIST QUESTNAMES can show a map between quest names (ids) and display names.
12. LIST ABILITYDOMAINS will show a list of, well, ability domains
13. ID on private property will now show size and features, as will VIEW of titles on shopkeepers.
14. Scripting trigger matches P syntax now truly is Precise (noteable bug fix).
15. Conquerable will now transfer private property to conqueror, see new OWNERSHIP flag.
16. Prop_Lot*ForSale and Prop_RoomPlus now support grid-connecting the walls of rooms for looping.
18. New Achievements trigger: CLASSLEVELSGAINED -- several more achievements that use it also.
19. MudChat now supports talking spontaneously on a schedule, and responses may contain scriptable funcs.
20. Trailto now accepts full tracking flag set as arguments, as well as other new tweek settings
22. Rules for mixing races can now be tweeked a little. See ud.ini RACEMIXING.
21. Can now add/edit items directly to shopkeeper inventory from MUDGrinder!!!
22. New item type: GenSiegeWeapon, for combat between ships
23. New item type: GenGrapples, for creating a portal between two ship bridges
24. New behavior: Sailor, for allowing mobs to sail and fight on the big ships
25. New Common Skill: Siegecraft, for making siege weapons for ship combat
25. Sailing Ship combat is in beta, see help SAILING and help SHIP COMBAT
26. New disable flag: FOODROT for disabling the automatic raw food rottability

# Build 5.9.4 Released 08/03/2016
1. Qualify now shows language limits
2. New Prop_NoTeleport exceptions
3. ALIAS commands now supports "noecho" prefix to prevent echos.
4. New property: Prop_HereEnabler, like the other Prop_Here* and Prop_*Enabler props.
5. New Archon ability: Matrix Possess
6. Common Skills now support INFO argument to get info on recipe items.
7. New Area type: SubThinInstance, for making thin instance clones of existing areas.
8. EQUIP LONG now shows all items being worn and tattoos, even at other layers.
9. CoffeeMud now supports Twitter. See the end of the Installation Guide.
10. Prop_StatTrainer has new parameter: BASEVALUE, for making it more flexible.
11. Prop_StatAdjuster has new parameter: ADJMAX, for giving mobs more POWAH!
12. New Spell: Spell_Planeshift, for going to other planes of existence
13. Prop_AbsorbDamage has several new parameters, and can now effect rooms/areas
14. Clerics and Druids also get planar travelling spells: Plane Walking and Planar Travel
15. New racial ability for horse-like races: Buck
16. Achievements command has lots of new options
17. The Skills Report on the Statistics MUDGrinder page can now group by name, type, domain.
18. New Achievement trigger, FACTIONS (with an S), for counting groups of factions.
19. Several new REMORTRETAIN options for expanding or fine tuning the remort process.
20. New Dragonbreath parameters and types
21. Races and Clan Governments now support parameters for granted abilities.
22. New internal mob saving throws (more damage mitigators/enhancers), including weapon types.
23. Bunch of new races for the outer planes.
24. New Thief Skills: Superstitious, Rope Swing, Improved Boarding, Locate Alcohol, Hold Your Liquor
25. Papermaking now supports containers, for gift bags, paper sacks, etc.
26. MORGUE/DEATH/BODY/START rooms support levels and masks now.
27. The Swim skill, when used as a racial ability, does not have a usage cost any more.
28. Lassos and Nets no longer do physical damage
29. Internal DB: CMCLAS field in CMCHAR table expanded to 250 chars. An optional DB upgrade!
30. New ZapperMasks: +ISHOME -ISHOME, for masking mobs who are away from their areas
31. Prop_*Adjuster now supports multiplying values, see help on Prop_HaveAdjuster
32. Concierge behavior can now create portals if you want.
33. Stolen property (property taken from a home or owned ship) cannot be sold to shopkeepers.
34. New config option and Command: NOBATTLESPAM, for getting only damage summaries.
35. New auto-diseases: Sea Sickness, Scurvy
36. Sailing Ship now have TENDER command to extend gangplanks between peaceful ships
37. New Skills: Sea Legs, Ride the Rigging, Belay, Buried Treasure, Wenching
38. New Skills: Treasure Map, Walk the Plank, Sea Mapping, Plunder, Sea Charting
39. New Skills: Dead Reckoning, Sea Navigation, Scuttle, Fence Loot, Pet Spy
40. New Skills: Pirate Familiar, Pub Contacts, Combat Repairs, Foul Weather Sailing
41. New Skills: Pay Off, Pet Steal, Merchant Flag, Pieces of Eight, Articles
42. New Skills: Ramming Speed, Smuggler's Hold, Hide Ship, Intercept Ship, Await Ship
43. New Skills: Mast Shot, Warning Shot, Silent Running, Water Tactics, Trawling
44. New Skills: Diving, Siege Weapon Specialization, Deep Breath, Avoid Currents
45. If it's not already obvious, new char class in beta: Pirate
46. Internal: Web Server upgraded to rev 2.4 (SSL fixes and Protocol switching)
47. Mundane STAT command now supports HEALTH, RESISTS, ATTRIBUTES
48. New Spell: Lighthouse
49. DAYSCLANOVERTHROW separated from DAYSCLANDEATH -- see INI file.
50. New Skills: Naval Tactics, Salvaging, Sea Maneuvers, Crows Nest, Hire Crewmember
51. New Skills: Morse Code, Stowaway
53. Individual diseases can now be disabled from the DISABLE= entry in the INI file.
54. New Commoner class in beta: Sailor
55. Patroller now works with Sailing Ships.
56. New CONFIG option: TELNET-GA, and CONFIG command can now be used to toggle them all.
57. New Expertises: Ranged Sailing, Reduced Sailing, Power Sailing, Extended Sailing
58. New Achievements for Pirate, Sailor, and Mer