The world of graphical games has never been better. There's a plethora of options out there for every person's preference, and many of them are free. So what could a text game have to offer over so many choices in the graphical realm?

We feel that a text game can appeal to a number of personal tastes that graphical games just can't. Here's some of our thoughts on the matter:

  • It is 100% free. There's a lot of free games out there. However most of them, especially the multiplayer ones, have cash shops. Some of those are done in a way where the payment of money can give you options others don't have. Some of them fast track you to a higher level of power, sometimes making it impossible for those who don't pay to be able to compete. We're 100% free. There's no cash shop, every single feature in the game is obtained just by playing. And it'll always be that way.
  • You have a say. Any game with a decent dev crew is going to listen to its players. But you'll be competing against thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands or millions to have your voice heard. Game like ours generally have player bases in the dozens. So not only is your voice not drowned out by the countless others, you can talk to the developers one on one and really be able to help shape the progress of the game developmentally.
  • It's easy to make friends. Because our games have smaller communities, it's a lot less likely you'll get 'lost in the shuffle'. Our players are always willing to help new players, and there's is plenty of opportunity to go out and group with others as you explore the game world and progress as your character. The global chat channels are not always filled with gold sellers and petty arguments, but with conversations about the game or life in general, usually between people who know each other.
  • It's ideal for role playing. Role playing can be fun in almost any medium. However pure text is where it really shines. Almost all of us love a good movie. But there's no doubt that reading a book provides a very different experience, and most of us who have read a book that later came out as a movie really loved the book experience more. That's because the book was brought alive by our own imagination, and thus the experience of the story was far more personal to us. It's the same with role play. Not only are we not bound by pre-made emotes and gear pieces, or hair styles, and so forth, but pure text allows for greater expression of the story we want to tell, and enhances that story in our own imagination just like a book does, making it more personal for us and something we remember years down the road.
  • It's accessible to the blind and visually impaired. While some text games are better than others in this respect, persons with visual impairments, the blind or anyone who uses a screen reader can really immerse themselves in a multiplayer rpg experience. Because the game is purely text, it's accessible to screen readers.

We're very proud of our game, and we believe it is one of the best Dragonlance experiences you can find in the gaming world. Even if you're not a Dragonlance fan, the game world, the game play, the multiplayer experience is something we are confident you will enjoy and enjoy for years to come. Click here to play the game now, and dive into an experience you'll never forget.